Farmer’s Market @ Mahogany House, February 24th

Fresh from our Fields……..
Asian Greens
Baby lettuce mix
Tatsoi Spinach
Rainbow Swiss Chard
Beefstake tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Roma tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Plum tomatoes
Apple eggplant
Globe eggplant
Asian eggplant
Shishito peppers
Bell peppers
Anaheim peppers

From our Pantry…..

Passion fruit Kombucha
Oolong Kombucha
Turmeric Tonic
Pico de gallo
Crushed tomatoes

Ena’s Kitchen
Sunset Organic Farm
Sweet Tooth Cake and Pastry Boutique
Nature’s Way Poultry Farms
Bentonite Clay Products
Bahama Island Farms
Cia Monet Soaps and Scents
Br’er Bookie Meat Company
Sundew Holistic
Abaco Neem
Naturally Bahamian
Finally an option for those who live East!  Get our farm-fresh, organic vegetables at the Doongalik Farmer’s Market, Saturdays from 9a-1p #20 Village Road.

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